Welcome to my blog! My name is Gustopher William Jones, but my friends call me Gus. I live with my mom, dad, and sisters, Lauren and Lindsey. There’s also a gigantic dog, Junebug, who lives with us. Everyone calls her my sister, but I don’t like her very much. She eats all of MY food, steals all of MY toys, and plays with MY sisters. Girls, ya know? It’s their way or the highway. Oh, and my sister Lauren got a CAT the other day… I know no one will believe me, but I think we may be friends – whew, never thought I’d say that about a cat.

I’m the Head of Security at Northside Animal Clinic. Basically, I just watch out for intruders and keep everyone in line. If you’re having a hard time picturing it, imagine Paul Blart, the mall cop, but in dachshund form. Most of the time, I just sleep in my playpen in Mom’s office, but don’t worry. I’m always on alert. So far, there haven’t been any incidents, so I think I’m doing a pretty good job of scaring away the bad guys.

When I’m not patrolling the clinic, I like to swim, chase squirrels, and play fetch with my tennis balls. While we’re on the subject, I really don’t understand the concept of fetch. Apparently when someone throws the ball for me, I’m supposed to go get it and bring it back to them… I want the ball, so why would I ever give back??? I’m no dummy.

Anyway, I gotta run, literally. I think I hear someone coming up the road. Who knows, my family could be in danger. It’s probably the pizza deliveryman I heard Mom talking to on the phone a few minutes ago, but there is no guarantee, and we all know Junebug isn’t going to help me protect everyone. Better safe than sorry.

I hope you’ll join me on my blogging journey. I know it looks like all I do is patrol the clinic, greet clients, chase squirrels, or sleep, but I have learned a lot from my dad, Dr. Jones, and I am really excited to go on this adventure with you.

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