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I’m Back!

Hey everyone, did you miss me?? Don’t worry, I’m back for good. My sister has been “too busy” in the last few months to “write my every thought for the entire internet to read” like that’s an actual excuse. Doesn’t she know I’m a priority? Ugh. Whatever.

Anyway, I’m back and it feels soooo good. I feel like I need to introduce myself again because I’m confident I’ve gotten a TON of new followers while I was being treated like a second class citizen, so here goes. I’m Gus, the cutest shaded cream mini dachshund on the face of this earth. I work as the chief security officer at the Northside Animal Clinic and am, like, really good at my job. I love playing ball, chasing squirrels, and making snarky comments on the internet about things I’m not qualified to talk about. You’re going to love me.

Okay everyone, buckle your seatbelts because this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m actually going to say something positive about Junebug. I mean, technically it’s something positive about my dad but ya know, trying to be a nicer person. She actually doesn’t stink as much anymore… whew, that was difficult. I never actually thought I’d say that.

Apparently, Junebug has a food allergy. She’s always had skin problems – waxy feeling skin and hair, lots of scratching, and a certain stench that is reminiscent of a dumpster fire. My dad, Dr. Jones, gave Junebug every type of medicine on the market but never found anything that worked as well as she needed. Eventually, he decided to change Junebug’s diet to see if the issue could be a food allergy and suddenly, all of her symptoms went away. Royal Canin has lots of different diets for dogs with food allergies so you can find a food that fits your dog’s specific needs.

Now, she doesn’t smell at all, so I don’t have to have my nose hairs burned off every day and I don’t have to listen to my mom tell my dad to put Junebug outside literally every day. It’s really a win-win.

If any of the dogs reading this are having itchy skin or allergic symptoms, tell your human to take you to see a veterinarian at the Northside Animal Clinic. They can help you feel better and you may get lucky and get a meet-and-greet with me!



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