Meet Our Team

Dr. Shanna Cruse

Dr. Shanna Cruse grew up on a small farm in Roanoke, Texas. Growing up, she trained and showed miniature donkeys, worked within her family’s small cattle operation and trained and worked as a trainer/therapist in an equine assisted therapy riding program.

Dr. Cruse attended Tarleton State University and graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science and a double minor in Chemistry and Biology. She went on to attend veterinary school at Oklahoma State University with her focus being in mixed animal medicine. Dr. Cruse graduated with the OSU Veterinary Class of 2021.

Dr. Cruse is interested in soft tissue surgery and equine medicine but enjoys all aspects of both large and small animal veterinary medicine. Dr. Cruse started practicing veterinary medicine in July of 2021 here at Northside Animal Clinic.

In her spare time, Dr. Cruse loves horseback riding, training and showing the registered miniature donkeys her family raises and spending time with family and friends.

Dr. Caitlyne Kocik

Dr. Caitlyne Kocik grew up in a small town in upstate New York where her parents still live. After high school, she moved to Rochester, NY and completed a Bachelor’s of Science degree followed by a Master’s of Science degree.

While living in Rochester, she began working as a dog groomer and continued this profession up until she was accepted into Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine to begin her veterinary career. She completed her pre-clinical at Ross on the beautiful island of St. Kitts and finished her clinical year at Texas A&M.

When she’s not working, Caitlyne likes to do outdoorsy activities including hiking, swimming, and kayaking. She is also a 1st degree black belt in TaeKwonDo, all thanks to a great community of people that have supported her as both a martial artist and a vet. She’s a proud cat mom to two cats Mylo and Margo who are the best cats she could ask for.

Francois Arenas

John Francois Arenas was born in Bogota, Colombia where he studied Veterinary Medicine at. Francois is a licensed veterinarian in Colombia. Francois is happily married to Yanina and has two fur babies named Dude and Texas. Francois wears many hats at including head technician, employee manager, employee trainer, and translator. Francois has recently completed an extensive ultrasound training program and is now also the ultrasound technician. One of Francois’s goals is to become licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the United States. When not working or studying, Francois enjoys hiking with his wife and pups Dude and Texas.

Trish Lamberth

Trish is hardworking and innovative. Trish and her husband, Robbie, and children Tiona and Jayden, and chihuahuas Fancy, Kibby, and Dallas moved to Texas from North Carolina in 2017. Trish loves to craft and garden in her free time and says her favorite animals are chihuahuas because small dogs have the biggest attitudes! Trish’s favorite part of working at NSAC is that we are always evolving and working together as a team to give our clients and their pets the best care possible.

Nanette Nelson

Nanette is extremely hardworking and is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help each and every patient. Nanette has worked at NSAC for 3 years, and has loved every minute! Nanette came to the Northside Animal Clinic from the human medicine side and is an extremely passionate caring individual, whether with animals, the elderly, or the disabled. Nanette is honest, caring, and persistent. Nanette enjoys spending time with her children, Marilyn and Isaiah, and her fiancé, Blake. Nanette’s pets include: Blue, the bird; Midget, the cat; and Hermie, Red, and Two Tone, her beloved pups. Nanette’s favorite part of working at NSAC is being able to help and be an advocate for animals, as well as the learning experiences she gets every day. She also enjoys building relationships with her co-workers and clients.

Mikayla Clark

Mikayla is hardworking and passionate about animals. She works as a receptionist and is the manager of our boarding facility. Mikayla loves to play softball in her free time. Her favorite animals are dogs because they love you unconditionally. Mikayla has 2 dogs, Leyna and Ammo. Leyna is a 2-year-old German Shorthair Pointer, who she describes as a little spitfire. Ammo is a 10-year-old German Shepherd, who she describes has an old man with a spunky heart! Mikayla’s favorite part of working at NSAC is providing quality patient care.

Darissa Michels

Darissa is thorough, calm, and always keeps her patient’s best interest in mind. Darissa has 7 years of experience in the veterinary industry. Her hobbies include spending time with her busy family, reading, cooking, gardening and hiking. She also enjoys playing with her dog, Shadow, and cat, Caramel. Darissa’s favorite part of working at NSAC is providing quality and compassionate patient care.

Kyndal McLain

Kyndal is enthusiastic and compassionate. Kyndal is a veterinary technician and can often be found loving on patients. She enjoys playing with her four dogs, Ruger, Kimber, Stormi and Jethro, as well as painting, hiking and fishing. Kyndal’s favorite part about her job is her coworkers and the patients.

Jessika Richard

Jessika is energetic and fun to be around. Jess is a veterinary technician and can be seen all around the clinic doing a number of different tasks. Jess loves to play sports and exercise. Jess, and her fiancé Jett, are loving parents to a beautiful daughter, Anakin. Jess’s favorite animals are wolves and she has three German Shepherds, Jax, Jasmine, and Buddy. Her favorite part of working at NSAC is helping patients and being able to learn new things every day.

Jessika Johnson

Jessika is empathetic and caring. Jessika works as a veterinary assistant and enjoys interacting with patients. Jessika likes to rodeo in her free time. Jessika has an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix dog named Remington. Her favorite animals are horses because they are intuitive and majestic. She says her favorite part of working at NSAC is our staff and clients.

Erin Jay

Bio coming soon!

Team member Tanner Tilton with the office dog Gus

Tanner Tilton

Tanner Tilton can be found working at the Northside Animal Clinic three days a week in the afternoon. Tanner’s jobs at the clinic vary widely and frequently, but he can often be found playing with the dogs in the kennel, outside in the barn working, or maybe even helping the staff restock supplies. Frequently you will hear Tanner long before you see him as he has an unbelievable talent for music and often makes instruments out of anything he can find- anything can become a drumstick and drum at a moment’s notice. Tanner is the embodiment of his favorite quote “Livin’ the dream” with his sunny disposition, his smile, and frequent hugs. He seldom has a bad day and is a ray of sunshine when he walks into the office in the afternoons. Tanner has an amazing affinity for animals and they, in turn, love him right back. He has three dogs – Maggie, a little dachshund who sleeps with Tanner, and Killer and Fonzi, his outside dogs that found him one day.

Meghan Henderson

Meghan is thorough and enthusiastic. She is one of our veterinary technicians. Meghan and her fiancé, Ethan, have five dogs, Norman, Chester, Georgia, Jessie, and Ruger, and two cats, Bane and Ivy. Meghan enjoys hiking with her dogs and riding horses. Her favorite animals are dogs because they are always happy to see you and they don’t judge. Meghan is a certified phlebotomist and is a phlebotomy instructor at Weatherford College. Meghan’s favorite about NSAC is that the staff is kind, encouraging, and patient.

Chelsey Karr

Chelsey is hard working and compassionate. She is one of our receptionists. Chelsey and her husband, Noah, have two dogs, Layla and Romeo. She likes to groom and play with her dogs. Chelsey has a soft spot for all animals, but her favorite animals are dogs because they are the sweetest souls. Chelsey’s favorite part of working at NSAC is feeling like she is part of a family.

Savannah Stack

Savannah, one of our veterinary assistants, is caring and compassionate. Savannah has two dogs, Zizzy and Daisy. She enjoys kayaking and fishing. Savannah grew up in Montana. Savannah’s favorite animal is a flea-bitten grey quarter horse because she had one as a child. Savannah’s favorite part of working at NSAC is all of the wonderful patientsily.

Gus Jones


Gus Jones was born on September 11, 2010 in Joshua, Texas as part of Jeff and Paula Hall’s Dachshund Hall family. When Gus was 5 weeks old he got to go live with the Jones’ family and once he “grew up” became Head of Security for the Northside Animal Clinic. He is very friendly and loves to meet and greet anyone who comes into the clinic. Gus spends his days at the clinic performing a variety of tasks including barking, sleeping, trying to avoid “Junebug”, and meeting new friends (not necessarily in that order). In the evenings, Gus goes home with Dr. Jones or Stephanie and continues his security duties. Gus loves to spend time in the back yard making sure that no squirrels get in the trees. Gus has two human siblings, Lauren and Lindsey, who he loves dearly, and a canine sibling named “Junebug”, who he really doesn’t care about. If anyone ever wants to see Gus, he can usually be found at the clinic. Gus is currently working on writing his blog, which will be a compilation of his day-to-day life with a little information mixed in for his fellow pets.

“Junebug” Jones


“Junebug” was born on February 14, 2016, and was raised by a friend of Dr. Jones in Oklahoma. When she was 8 weeks old, she got to come live in Texas with Dr. Jones, Stephanie, Lauren, Lindsey, and that yappy little dog named “Gus”. Junebug is exceptionally well behaved and goes almost everywhere with her dad. They spend most of their days at the clinic, and in the evening, they usually shoot sporting clays or hang out and watch TV. Junebug’s most favorite human, except her dad, is her Aunt Dawn, and she can frequently be seen following Dawn’s heels, helping clients and working.