Myths About Boarding

If you’ve ever been afraid to board your pet, you’re not alone. Many people have concerns that their pets will sit in small, dark cages near sick animals and never go outside or interact with humans. This could not be further from the truth! The Northside Animal Clinic is dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for your pet, with a contained outdoor area to play and kennels with plenty of space to relax. To make the decision to bard easier, we are going to address a few “myths” about boarding.

Myth #1: My dog will get sick.

While your dog won’t directly interact with other animals during its stay, she will be in the same general area. However, the likelihood that your pet gets sick while boarding is probably less than the likelihood of it getting sick at a dog park or other places where dogs interact with each other for the following reasons:

  • The Northside Animal Clinic requires documentation of all required vaccinations before an animal is allowed to board.
  • The boarding spaces are aggressively cleaned multiple times per day to ensure that they remain safe and germ-free.
  • The veterinary assistants keep a close eye on your dog and, because we are a full-service veterinary clinic instead of just a boarding facility, they will alert a veterinarian if they see signs of illness. This allows quick remedy of any sickness

There is still a slight possibility of your dog contracting some illness during its stay, just like the possibility of your child contracting an illness at daycare. However, the appropriate precautions have been taken to almost completely eliminate this risk.

Myth #2: My dog will be stuck in a cage all day and will not receive the attention she needs.

Your dog will relax and sleep in a large, roomy cage but will also have the opportunity to play outside and go on walks four times per day. Our veterinary assistants try to play with each dog every day to ensure that they have enough stimulation and exercise to be happy and healthy!

Myth #3: My dog will be so sad when I leave her that she will suffer while I’m gone.

Of course, she will miss you! However, we have found that dogs are very dramatic. They will seem upset and agitated during the moment of separation but are happy and excited when you are no longer in sight. Their time will actually fly by faster during their stay because they will have plenty of time to play outside and be stimulated. However, if you worry that your dog will have anxiety or struggle during their stay, check out this post to learn 5 easy ways to ease boarding anxiety.

If you’re still hesitant to commit, feel free to come in for a quick tour of the boarding facilities! Although leaving your pet in a new environment is never fun, we want you to feel as comfortable leaving your pet in our care as possible.

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