Nigel is Sick!

My brother, Nigel, is sick and I’ve haven’t been this happy since that time when my mom dropped a piece of bacon and I grabbed it before she could pick it up (shush don’t tell dad). I know you’re thinking, “Wow, Gus is so awful and selfish. I can’t believe someone so small and cute can be so mean-spirited.” Seriously? You think I’m mean and selfish? I thought we were better friends than that. I have a good reason to be happy – Nigel is home! I’m so excited to have someone to hang out with who isn’t The Worst™ (Junebug, I’m talking to you). Don’t get me wrong, I’m super bummed that Nigel is sick but honestly, he acts like he feels fine so I’m not going to waste too much energy being sympathetic.

I overheard Lauren telling my dad about how much Nigel had been drinking and peeing. Personally, I thought she was overreacting (I mean, who pays that much attention to pee… come on Lauren, you’re better than this), but my dad said that the problems Nigel was having sounded a lot like a bladder infection. He asked Lauren if Nigel was having pain or trouble peeing, peeing in places other than his litter box, or even having blood in his urine!

Nigel got to come home with me so my dad could do some tests on him. Sure enough, he was right. Nigel had a bladder infection. Honestly, I was a little disappointed. Bladder infections are easy to treat so Nigel will have to go back to Stillwater soon, leaving me with her (Junebug, I’m still talking to you).

Ugh, I’m not sure I’ve ever talked about pee for this long in my whole life. Gross. We need to change the subject. But first, my dad wanted me to mention that if any of my lovely readers have kitty friends experiencing these symptoms, they should call and make an appointment with a veterinarian at the Northside Animal Clinic because having urine trouble is not fun for kitties.

Anyway, Nigel is headed back to Stillwater soon and I’ve begun to prepare. I’ve stockpiled a few extra chewies and made a secret hiding area under the bed in the guest bedroom. I even ate a little extra to get ready for my next hunger strike. Paws crossed that this strategy is effective AGAIN and that I get to go back to my nana’s house that way Junebug is as far away from me as possible.

Oh, and if you’re interested in the chewies I mentioned, my dad keeps them at the Northside Animal Clinic and says that they are good for my teeth. I don’t care if they are good for me, they’re my favorite treat EVER and they keep my smile looking brilliantly white. Personally, I should be the “after” picture in those infomercials about teeth whitening. Why hasn’t anyone contacted me about that?? You know, I think it’s time to take this into my own paws. I’ve gotta make some calls. Come by the clinic and see me!

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