Patricia Lamberth

Although Patricia “Trish” Lamberth is our newest veterinary receptionist at the Northside Animal Clinic, she is certainly not new to the veterinary industry. Trish has worked as a veterinary receptionist for 13 years in North Carolina where she was born and raised. Trish moved to Texas for her husband’s job and the Northside Animal Clinic was blessed to get her to come to work with us. Trish has three children, Tiona (19), Jayden (12) and a stepson, Nickolas (19). She also has 2 four-legged children, chihuahuas named Fancy and Kibby. Trish brings extensive reception knowledge to the clinic and we are so very pleased to have her.

Dawn Miller

Dawn Miller, an Oklahoma native, moved to Cleburne in 2010 to help care for her aging mother. She now lives in Godley and is employed at the Northside Animal Clinic where she can frequently be found carrying around the small dogs and loving on them or playing ball with the larger dogs. Dawn is an absolute animal lover and has three dogs “Lucy”, a little spitfire Chihuahua, “Tara” and “Spencer”, two medium sized, mixed breed dogs who found Dawn several years ago. In addition, “Junebug”, Dr. Jones yellow labrador retriever, has adopted Dawn as her absolute favorite human. Dawn has one adult son, Micah, who lives in Oklahoma City.

Francois Arenas

John Francois Arenas was born in Bogota, Colombia where he studied Veterinary Medicine. Francois is a licensed veterinarian in Colombia. Francois is happily married to Yanina Blanco and has two pet children named “Dude” and “Texas”. Francois wears many hats at the practice including: head technician, employee manger, employee trainer and translator. Francois has recently completed and extensive ultrasound training program and is now also the ultrasound technician. One of Francois’s goals is to become licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the United States. When not working or studying, Francois enjoys hiking with his wife, “Dude”, and “Texas”.

Nanette Nelson

Nanette Nelson moved to Cleburne 13 years ago with her two children, her daughter and her son who are now 27 and 19 years old, both of whom she is very proud. Nanette came to the Northside Animal Clinic from the human medicine side and is an extremely passionate caring individual, whether with animals, the elderly, or the disabled. Nanette says her biggest asset is her persistence because it keeps her moving forward, never staying in the same position, and never moving back. This persistence is evident in her constant drive to master something new each and every day. Nanette’s favorite quote is “when between a rock and a hard place you either push through it, around it, or over it- but get that rock out of the way and move on.” Nanette lives her live exactly this way and will let nothing stop her from doing what is right, what is honest and what is necessary. Nanette lives with her fiancé, a dog “Red”, her cat “Vendi” and “Blue”, an exceptionally mean parakeet.

Brianna Boza

Brianna, a Cleburne native, says that persistence is one of her greatest qualities because she refuses to give up no matter how hard life gets. Evidence of this is the fact that even though she became a mother at the young age of 17, she never gave up and was able to finish high school. Briana has two beautiful kids, Renya, age 4 and Rey, age 3, as well as, two four-legged babies named “Kiara”, a bull terrier, who Brianna loves like her own child and “Prince”, a Chihuahua, who wants to be held all the time. Briana spends her free time with her family at the park or if the kids get their say at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Tiona Leach

Tiona Leach moved to Cleburne from North Carolina in December of 2017 and came to work at the Northside Animal Clinic. With her extended experience in a kennel environment and her organizational skills akin to Martha Stewart, Tiona has transformed that area of the practice. After several months, a position became available and she has now moved into a technician role where she is a whirlwind of activity. Tiona is persistent, focused and a very fast learner – all qualities that make her an asset to the practice. Tiona rescued a 1 year old Chihuahua named “Dallas” who she loves even more that she loves anyone else in the world! In the future, Tiona would love to be able to travel extensively.

Tanner Tilton

Tanner Tilton can be found working at the Northside Animal Clinic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon. Tanner’s jobs at the clinic vary widely and frequently include planning his next bull riding event (where he will be the rodeo clown), social outing, or inviting his clinic friends to the next Living Christmas Tree at Field Street Baptist Church. When not working on his social calendar, Tanner can frequently be found playing with the dogs in the kennel, outside in the barn working, or maybe even helping the staff restock supplies. Frequently you will hear Tanner long before you see him as he has an unbelievable talent for music and often makes instruments out of anything he can find- anything can become a drumstick and drum at a moments notice. Tanner moved to Johnson County in 2010 with his parents and two brothers. Tanner is the embodiment of his favorite quote “Livin’ the dream” with his sunny disposition, his smile, and frequent hugs. He seldom has a bad day and is a ray of sunshine when he walks into the office in the afternoons. Tanner grew up showing steers and says one of his proudest moments is making the sale at the Fort Worth Stock Show with his American Steer, “George Strait”. Tanner has an amazing affinity for animals and they, in turn, love him right back. He has three dogs – “Maggie” , a little dachshund who sleeps with Tanner, and “Killer”, and “Fonzi”, his outside dogs that found him one day. Tanner says his best compliment was having his name on the clinic marque as employee of the month.

Ashton Freiman

Bio coming soon.

Katy Peterson

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Leanna Hamilton

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Gus Jones – Security

Gus Jones was born on September 11, 2010 in Joshua, Texas as part of Jeff and Paula Hall’s Dachshund Hall family. When Gus was 5 weeks old he got to go live with the Jones’ family and once he “grew up” became Head of Security for the Northside Animal Clinic. He is very friendly and loves to meet and greet anyone who comes into the clinic. Gus spends his days at the clinic performing a variety of tasks including barking, sleeping, trying to avoid “Junebug”, and meeting new friends (not necessarily in that order). In the evenings, Gus goes home with Dr. Jones or Stephanie and continues his security duties. Gus loves to spend time in the back yard making sure that no squirrels get in the trees. Gus has two human siblings, Lauren and Lindsey, who he loves dearly, and a canine sibling named “Junebug”, who he really doesn’t care about. If anyone ever wants to see Gus, he can usually be found at the clinic. Gus is currently working on writing his blog, which will be a compilation of his day-to-day life with a little information mixed in for his fellow pets.

“Junebug” Jones

“Junebug” was born on February 14, 2016 and was raised by a friend of Dr. Jones in Oklahoma. When she was 8 weeks old she got to come live in Texas with Dr. Jones, Stephanie, Lauren, Lindsey and that yappy little dog named “Gus”. Junebug is exceptionally well behaved and goes almost everywhere with her dad. They spend most of their days at the clinic and in the evening they usually take care of the showpigs, shoot sporting clays or hang out and watch TV. Junebug’s most favorite human, except her dad is her Aunt Dawn and she can frequently be seen following on Dawn’s heels helping clients and working.