The Northside Animal Clinic Boarding Philosophy

At the Northside Animal Clinic, we believe that your pet deserves the same care, love, and attention during their boarding stay that you would give them at home. We are dedicated to providing affordable boarding monitored by trained and experienced veterinary assistants. Some boarding facilities charge extra for longer playtime, for providing food, and for medicating your pet. The Northside Animal Clinic recognizes that these are not optional, but are requirements for your pet’s happiness and wellbeing during your absence, so we don’t charge extra for these services.

Upon check-in, your dog will be provided with a roomy cage and plenty of comfortable bedding. But don’t worry – he’ll get out at least four times a day to play in our outdoor puppy park. This fenced area provides the dogs with a place to run, chase squirrels, and relax in the sunshine. He will be provided with Royal Canin’s Gastrointestinal Low-Fat food, which is very easy on his stomach to prevent any tummy troubles. However, we encourage owners to bring their own food, treats, bedding, and toys so that your animals can feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Before your dog goes home, he’ll receive a free bath and blowout to ensure that he looks and feels his best after his stay.

Cats are also welcome to board with us, although their boarding process is very different! They stay in a quieter, more secluded area away from the dogs to cater to their reclusive nature and keep them more relaxed.

Because we are a veterinary clinic, you can feel comfortable knowing that your pet will be taken care of if it should fall ill during its stay. Our veterinary assistants are trained to recognize signs of illness and carefully monitor each animal to make sure everyone is feeling top-notch. If they notice any sickness, your pet will be able to see a veterinarian immediately to help them feel better as quickly as possible. However, proof of vaccinations is required for boarding, so the likelihood of your pet becoming sick while staying with us is incredibly slim. You can also request to have other services, like a nail trim, examination, ear cleaning or administration of heartworm prevention, while your pet stays with us so you don’t have to make an extra trip to the vet.

At the Northside Animal Clinic, we strive to make your pet feel completely safe and happy staying with us and we do everything possible to make that a reality. For more information about our boarding facility, please call us at (817)-641-7411 or email us at

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