Fleas and Ticks

I need to clear something up because there has been some serious misunderstanding. Apparently, there’s a misconception that beauty and brains don’t usually coincide. Obviously, I am proof that this is false. I don’t need to prove the beauty aspect (just take a look) but apparently, y’all don’t think I have much going for me in this beautiful melon sitting on my shoulders. Ouch.

I shouldn’t have to prove anything to you, but here goes. I was reading about fleas and ticks last night (YEAH, READING) and I will summarize my findings because 1) I have an uncontrollable need to be praised and 2) I want y’all to look and feel your best.

Look, let’s all be honest with ourselves. Fleas and ticks are gross and it’s super easy to keep them off. There, I said it. To my fellow pups (and cats, I guess), tell your owners to stop making lame excuses and tell them about all of the consequences to fleas and ticks.

For one, a lot of us are allergic to fleas. Even one flea bite can cause us to itch a LOT and, if untreated, can cause us to scratch ourselves until we bleed. If there’s a lot of fleas, they can drink so much blood that we become anemic. It makes us weak and exhausted, which is no fun and can occasionally be life-threatening. Lastly, the fleas can give us tapeworms… eww. To top it all off, they make you look gross and that’s just not my style.

As nasty as fleas are, ticks are worse. They can cause anemia too, but they can also transmit really awful diseases like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to us and to humans. Yep. You heard me right. They can give these diseases to humans too!

Don’t worry, I have good news. It’s super easy to keep these disgusting parasites away. Just give a single dose of a medicine every three months. It’s literally that easy. This one product, called Bravecto, is available as a chew (which tastes pretty delish even to me… and I’m extremely picky) and a topical application that your human puts on the back of your neck. The best part? You can order it from our online store and have it delivered to your house or you can pick it up from our drive thru at the clinic!

With a solution this simple, it’s easy to look as ~flawless~ as me (and stay healthy too!)

Don’t forget to call Northside Animal Clinic if your purr-ent (haha cat jokes) still needs information. They are happy to help guide you to a solution that works for your family and gives you, my furry friends, the confidence to be the powerful pups you were made to be.

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