Junebug Guest-Wrote My Blog…

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Editor’s note: I want to formally apologize for what you’re about to read. It is scarring and honestly might burn your eyes a little. Please know that I had nothing to do with the making of this post – I don’t want it to affect your opinion of my intelligence. Proceed at your own risk. – Gus

HI EVERY 1, JUNEBUG HERE!!! I bet u thot u were gonna read another post frum gus wher he just maks fun of stuf but dont worry, i am gunna do a good job as gest writr.

Gus doesnt kno i am doin his blog this month (he wud probably be real mad) but i decided 2 hijak his blog becuz he doesnt kno what hes talkin about on this months topick – boarding. But i kno what I’m talkin bout becuz i luv to board with my frends at Northside Animal Clinic.

i luv it becuz i get to go play outsid and smel stuf. it is lotz of fun becuz we go outsid to the puppie park and run and play fetch and snif new smelz. i dont get 2 play with othur dogs becuz they dont want anyone 2 get hurt. but i can play with the gurls who work ther and they lik me. i lik to get bellie rubz from the gurls and mak new frends.

gus thinks he iz 2 good 2 board. maybie becuz he is scard he will mes up his hair. i wunder if thatz Y he doesnt want 2 play with me. if u want 2 kno how hi maintence gus is, when he travls, he bringz a sutecase with his own watur and toyz. and he nevr wants 2 play with nuw peple but i do. thats Y i lik to board.

if u want to spend the nite at Northside Animal Clinic, i promis its lotz of fun. u shud get ur parents 2 call and mak u a reservashun. the gurls r reel nice and u will lik them. also, u shud come 2 the clinic sumtime 2 meet me. except 4 thurzday becuz even dogz need days off of wurk. becuz i wurk real hard and need napz.

this may b the last tim i get 2 post on here but i hop u will miss me. i luv all of u!!!!!!!!!!

lets b best frends,


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